What's All This About?

So welcome to the Geek Catalog!

The Geek Catalog is a project to catalog geeky and "geek-appropriate" causes, communities, and organization as a way to help we otaku, gamers, technologists, and more find out how we can engage as citizens. From literacy programs for writers to comic-based fundraisers, this is where you can find how your geekery can help others!

The goal? Create a one-stop shop for us to find ways to get socially engaged. Over time this will expand, grow, and improve as more content gets added, more options come in, and as I randomly experiment with assorted crazy and assuredly half-baked ideas.

Let's face it, we're geeks. We make stuff happen. We're also deeply passionate about things. We also live in a world where more people could be involved in making it better, period. Thus, my small effort in making this catalog so you can swing by and find a way to dive in and change the world - your way!

The Catalog is broken into two sections:

  • By Geekery - What do you geek over? Come here to find what fits your interests!
  • By Category - What's your cause? Come here to find geeky places that fit the issues you care about.

I'm Steven Savage, an IT pro, writer on geek careers, creativity, and civics, and complete nerd. This is my way of helping us get more engaged in our societies and communities.

- Steven Savage

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