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  • Video Games
    • Able Gamers - A charity that works to improve the lives of people with disabilities through video games, including charity work, consultation with gaming companies, and more.
    • Special Effect - Helps people with disabilities play video games with special technology and a variety of fundraisers. Takes donations and runs events.


  • Art-Visual


  • Writing
  • Writing/Reading
    • B.I.G. Books - Recycles used books for those in needs.
    • Book Aid - Supports African Libraries with books and librarian training.
    • Book Harvest - Collects used books and distributes them to children in need.
    • Books Abroad - Promotes literacy and a focus on sustainable escapes from poverty. Recycle used books, and focuses on getting people involved.
    • Books Through Bars - A multi-state effort, located in Philadelphia, to provide educational books to people in the prison system
    • Books To Prisoners - A US charity that sends free books to prisoners across the Unitied States, with a focus on self-improvement, education, and stopping recidivism.
    • Bookshare - An international charity to make book access easier for people with challenges via digital accessibility, publicity, and technology.
    • Borderline Books - UK-based organization collecting overstocks and damaged books and distributed them around the world.
    • First Book - Collects and distribute books to programs and schools that serve children in low-income families in the US and Canada.
    • GBA Ships - Runs a floating book fair - literally, a ship. A great way to help reach people around the world - and also works with community groups for supply aid and community care.
    • International Board On Books For Young People - A non-profit that brings books and children together, focusing on international understanding, access, quality, support, research, and human rights.
    • Little Free Library - An organization promoting building local, personal "little free libraries" to promote reading and community.
    • Milk And Bookies - Promotes literacy and book access by encouraging children to engage in book giving and related events.
    • Reach A Reader - An organization that provides donated children's and YA books that also promotes authors!
    • Reader To Reader - A public charity that brings books to under-resourced schools and libraries, as well as public libraries. They focus on the poorest communities.
    • The Book Bus - The Book Bus gets books to people who'd normally not have access to them in various countries around the world. They're always expanding their focus, and do educational programs

Charitable Work

  • Comics
    • Heroes Alliance - Cosplayers who use their skills for charity and community events.
    • Superheroes For Hospice - A New Jersey hospice fundraiser held twice a year, raising money via comic auctions.
  • Computing
    • DataKind - Helps connect data experts with good causes - and they're looking for help from data techs, managers, and more!
    • Free Geek (Portland) - A Portland nonprofit that recycles used computers and parts to provide computers and job training to those in need.
    • Free Geek Chicago - A Chicago nonprofit that recycles used computers and parts to provide computers and job training to those in need.
    • Little Geeks - A Canadian charity that refurbishes donated computers, and gets them to children in need.
    • Motor City Free Geek - A Detroit nonprofit that repairs and recycles computers, teaches and educates, and works on Open Source.
  • Cosplay
    • Cosplay For Charity - A belgian cosplay group that attends and helps with charitable events
    • Costumers With A Cause - Costumers who lend their talent and presence to various charitable events
    • Pausle For a Cause - A singaporean cosplay group involved in charity events as well as other ventures.
  • Fans-Firefly
    • Austin Browncoats - An Austin-based group of Firefly fans deeply engaged in charitable work, especially on women and children's issues.
  • Fans-Harry Potter
    • The Harry Potter Alliance - A chapter-based alliance of HP fans engaged in charitable works, with a heavy emphasis on social justice and leveraging fandom for the greater good.
  • Fans-My Little Pony
    • Bronies For Good - A Brony organization that runs and allies with various worthy causes.
  • Fans-Star Wars
    • Cloud City Garrison - Part of the 501st Legion, a Star Wars costuming club, the Garrison is famous for their charity events. Worth inviting, being part of, and supporting!
  • General
    • Kirkland Geek Gala - A geek event that raises funds for Seattle Children's Hospital via Extra Life.
  • Horror
  • RPGs
  • Video Games
    • Donate Games - Partners with publishers and collects donations of games and equipment, then re-gifts items or sells them when appropriate to raise money.
    • Extra Life - A gamer organization that supports the Children's Miracle Network via personal sponsorship.
    • Gamers For Giving - Michigan's largest game charity event, a game tournament that supports Gamers Outreach Foundation
    • Gamers Outreach - A game industry charity organization that uses game events to raise money to set up game kiosks in hospitals and support the troops.
    • Games Aid - A UK video Games charity that's an umbrella for many other charities helping the disadvantaged. Raises money via activities, auctions, and more.
    • Gaming For Good - A platform where you get games for donating to charity - with revenue going to Save The Children.
    • Gaming Worldwide - Harnessess the power of gaming to get people involved in events, charities, and more.
    • Get Well Gamers - A foundation to bring video games to children's hospitals in the US.
    • Get Well Gamers UK - A foundation to bring video games to children's hospitals in the UK
    • Global Gaming Initiative - Delivers positive mobile games - and then contributes 50% of the proceeds to appropriate causes.
    • Indie Games For Good - Indie Games For Goods raises money for Child's Play by focusing on Indie Game marathons.
    • Mario Marathon - A yearly all-Mario gameathon to support Childs Play.

Charity Marathons

  • RPGs
  • Video Games
    • Crystals For Life - Does RPG speedruns to benefit the JDRF and their work on Type 1 diabetes.
    • Desert Bus - Since 2007 Desert Bus has been raising money for Child's Play via webcasting marathons of the infamous never-ending bus driving game "Desert Bus."
    • Game To Aid - A charity that raises money via broadcast video-game marathons, often with various creative (and at times painful) themes.
    • Games Done Quick - Does game speedruns to raise money for charity.
    • Gaming For Others - Raises money via grueling gaming marathons. They push themselves for money - for others!
    • Gaming For Others - A UK group that does marathons for charity, and works with Special Effect.
    • Hyrule Hustlers - Video game enthusiasts who sponsor Childs Play and run Zelda-based events and marathons.
    • Marathon Gamers - A gaming marathon group tha does marathons for charities.
    • One Big Game - A nonprofit that raises money by selling games.
    • U-Pick Video Game - Raises money for charity via marathons where others pick the games.
    • Video Game Nightmarathon - Does Halloween-themed and horror game marathons for charity.

Citizen Involvement

  • Art-General
  • Computing
    • Code For America - An alliance of coders and citizens that innovate on technology, draft policies, and create apps to help citizenship.
  • STEM
    • Science Cheerleader - A site focusing on Cheerleaders who chose science careers, promoting science awareness, and where the former can promote the latter, all with good humor and a serious mission.
  • Technology

Citizen Science

  • Space
  • STEM
    • Citizen Science Alliance - A collaborative effort of scientists, software developers, and educators to promote and organize citizen science and citizen science projects, as well as science awareness. Their projects are tracked in
    • Scientific America's Citizen Science Page - Scientific American's resource for citizen scientists, listing projects and updates. A good way to find something to fit your interests.
    • SciFiles - Uses grassroots, micro-donations, and showcasing vetted projects to promote scientific advancement - with a heavy emhpasis on civilian science.
    • SciStarter - A site to find, join, and contribute to scientific endeavors. Contains a large database of citizen science projects for you to check out.
    • Zooniverse - The Citizen Science Alliance's website for hosting citizen science projects. A good place to go and find specific projects to get involved in.



  • Comics
    • The Hero Initiative - Being in comics can be a tough road, and this organization helps support comics creators in need.
  • General
    • - A site dedicated to hackerspaces, from the latest news, to tools to make one, to lists of one you can join. Great to find people of a like mind so you can work together.


  • Steampunk
    • The Artifice Club - A Steampunk club that supports creatives as a nonprofit, especially with events. Has a strong media presence



  • Comics
    • Reading With Pictures - A nonprofit advocating using comics in the classroom to promote literacy and education. Researches comics and their role, collaborates with artists for content, and partners with educators.
    • The Comic Book Project - A literacy program that gets young people involved in creating comics to boost skills, awareness, and engagement.
  • Computing
    • Black Girls CODE - Introduces girls from underrepresented communities to coding. Focuses on community outreach, education, and technology awareness
    • Code 2040 - A nonprofit assisting communities of color by creating paths for education, professional, and entrepreneurial success in technology.
    • Coder Dojo - A network of volunteer community programming clubs for people 7-17 to help them learn how to code.
    • Computer Clubhouse - Sponsored by Intel, this organization uses technology and technology training to help people from underserved communities. Focuses on developing a network of "Clubhouses"
    • Hack The Hood - A nonprofit that helps low-income youth of colors into tech careers by having them build websites for businesses in their communities, teaching them both technology and business skills.
    • Kids Learning Code - A Canadian non-profit that focuses on helping young people learn technical skills in a supportive atmosphere.
    • ScriptEd - ScriptEd provides coding skills and professional experiences to under-resourced youth, focusing on developing careers.
    • Teens Exploring Tech - Focusing on men of color from low-income communities, Teens Exploring Tech teaches coding, life, and community skills.
    • Yes We Code - #YesWeCode is an outreach and training program with the goal of training 100,000 low-opportunity young people to be coders
  • General
    • Donors Choose - An online charity that helps you fund education intiatives in a project stile.
    • MIT Open Courseware - Classes available online for free - from MIT. Sadly the major way to get involved is to donate, but it's a good cause.
  • STEM
    • Stated Clearly - Stating science simply to make the facts clear - and counter misinformation.
    • The Hidden Genius Problem - An Oakland-based nonprofit that encourages technological skills and entrepreneurship for young men of color.

Electronic Reuse and Recycling

  • Computing
    • Close The Gap - Takes computer donations from european countries and refurbishes them for emerging nations. Also works to recycle unusable equipment safely.
    • Computers With Causes - Takes donated computers and either gets them to charitable programs, or sells them for funds used to go to programs
    • PCS For Schools - Refurbishes and upgrades donated computer equipment and uses it to bridge the technology gap in schools
    • World Computer Exchange - A US and Canadian non-profit that reduces the digital divide with education, donated computers, and more.
  • Technology
    • AZ StRUT - Arizona chapter of Students Recycling Used Technology, an organization that supports learning, refurbishing and donation of electronics, and proper recycling of electronics.
    • Cell Phone Bank - Takes donations of cell phones and recycles them for use as emergency phones.
    • Cell phones For Soldiers - Provides refurbed cell phones and more to soldiers so they can keep in touch.
    • Green Electronics Council - A nonprofit focused on environmental leadership in electronics
    • Hope Phones - Outfits global health care workers (part of Medic Mobile) with donated cell phones
    • Komputers4rkids - Focused on Southern California, the goal of Komputers4rkids is to bridge the digital gap in technology, and they accept electronic donations to help do it.
    • National Center For Electronics Recycling - A nonprofit that works to build and coordinate initiatives to improve electronic recycling.
    • Silicon Valley StRUT - California/Silicon Valley chapter of Students Recycling Used Technology, an organization that supports learning, refurbishing and donation of electronics, and proper recycling of electronics.
    • Step Initiative - The Step Initiative takes a long-term view of understanding, planning for, recycling, and avoiding e-waste.
    • The Christina Foundation - Promotes technology reuse and helps connect people with local organizations and individuals that need their donations.
    • Wireless Foundation - Recycles used cell phones and focuses on stopping family violence


  • STEM
    • Marine Conservation Institute - An organized, sustainability-oriented institute focused on protecting marine ecosystems. Heavily driven by partnerships, alliance, and outreach.
    • Nerds For Nature - And all-volunteer organization that brings together communities, scientists, and technologists to understand and preserve nature, including hands-on projects. Located in California.
    • Oceana - An international organization focused on sealife preservation and marine issues
    • Project Noah - A software platform that brings citizen scientist together in various projects to record and preserve biodiversity and understand nature.
    • Skeptical Science - A site dedicated to explaining the science of global warning. Always looking for help in donations or paper review.
    • World Wildlife Fund - Focuses on preserving and protecting wildlife and related environmental and pollution issues.


  • Fandom
  • Fans-Firefly
  • Media
    • The Box Scene - A nonprofit organization focused on representation of people in media
  • STEM
    • Platform - A nonprofit working to increase the participation of under-representted people in the "innovation economy." Has an annual conference and works with YesWeCode.
    • Tech Access - Nonprofit focusing on providing students of color access to STEM careers via setting expectations, providing role models, and access.
  • Writing
    • We Need Diverse Books - Focus on promoting diverse narratives in children's literature. Reaches out to individuals and groups in children's publishing, and is always looking for people to help out.

Female Geeks

  • Computing
    • Anita Borg Institute - A historic institute to assist women in technical careers, fostering innovation by ensuring a broad range of people in technology. Provides a variety of services and ways to get involved.
    • Girl Develop IT - A nonprofit that provides accessible programs for women who want to learn coding.
    • Girls Learning Code - A Canadian non-profit that focuses on helping young women learn technical skills in a supportive atmosphere.
    • Girls Teaching Girls To Code - A Bay Area program where women in CS teach Bay Area high school girls to code.
    • Grace Hopper Celebration - Produced by the Anita Borg institute, this is a celebration of women in computing.
    • Ladies Learning Code - A Canadian non-profit that focuses on helping people learn beginner technical skills in a comfortable, social way.
    • Made With Code - Promotes women in coding with projects, events, and mentoring. Has several alliances and supporters.
    • Mothercoders - An organization focused on helping mothers get tech-savvy and up-to-date for this economy
    • National Center For Women And Information Technology - Focuses on correcting gender imbalance in technology, and bringing the balance of diversity to the industry.
    • Rails Girls - A worldwide group that works to empower women with technology.
    • The Ada Initiative - An organization that supports women in technology, with a heavy emphasis on codes of conduct, training, and an embrace of open source.
  • General
    • Geek Feminism - A blog on women's issues in geekdom, as well as other human/civil issues in that sphere. Also has excellent news roundups.
  • STEM
    • Geek Girl Dinners - Promotes geek girl friendly events, resources, and connection.
    • She's Geeky - An SF Bay organization that provides events and and conferences around the USA for women in STEM>
    • Tech Girls Canada - Provides national leadership for the various industry groups in canada encouraging women in tech careers.
    • Women Rock Science - A blog about women in science, from resources to history to recent discoveries.
  • Video Games
    • Girls Make Games - A series of international summer camps encouraging girls to explore the world of video games.
  • Writing
    • Girls Write Now - Supports future female writers with mentoring, advice, and more.

Free Speech

  • Comics
    • The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - A non-profit organization focused on protecting the First Amendment rights of everyone in the comics/publishing/reading chain. Provides legal referrals, representation, advice, assistance and education.

Geeks Of Color

  • General
    • Con Or Bust - Focuses on helping geeks of colors and creators of color attend conventions.


  • Comics
    • Comics For Heroes - Gets comics to people who can't normally get them, from troops overseas to kids in hospitals.
    • Critlcal Care Comics - Distributes comics to kids in hospitals to make their stay easier!
  • Computing
    • Code For Progress - A community that trains IT professionals, provides residency, and helps people get involved in communities and causes.
    • Coders 4 Charities - Holds regular events to rally coders to help non-profit organizations.
  • Cosplay
    • Team CosLove - Military veterans giving back to community events using their love of cosplay.
  • General
    • Geek Market - A philanthropic company in Ottawa that provides markets for geek artisans, promotes community, and raises money for charities.
  • Space
    • Centennial Challenge - A NASA event to help develop new space technology.
    • Penny 4 Nasa - A group working to raise awareness of NASA, get increases in funding, and promote space exploration.
    • Planetary Society - Sponsors charities, events, advocacy, and projects to promote space exploration.
  • STEM
    • Engineering for Change - A community to connect engineers, governments, social scientists, and more to share knowledge and solve problems in a sustainable way.
    • Engineers Without Borders Canada - A nonprofit Canadian organziation that supports sustainable community engineering projects around the world.
    • Engineers Without Borders USA - A nonprofit US organziation that supports sustainable community engineering projects around the world.
  • Technology
    • Beneftech - A nonprofit that focuses on accessible technology that address social issues.
  • Video Games
    • Childs Play - The famous organization that provides games and consoles for hospitalized children.
    • GameConfs - A privately-run website that tracks and provides guides to games-related conference. Open to contributions and assistance.
    • Games For Change - Aids the creation and distribution of socially impactful games that act as tools in humanitarian and educational efforts.
    • Genes In Space - A game that uses game data and environments to "gamify" analyzing cancer data.
    • The Museum Of Art And Digital Entertainment - A mix of museum, lectures, and classes to promote game history and awareness, located in Oakland, California.
  • Writing/Reading
    • Librivox - Librivox makes free audiobooks of public domain works - using volunteers.
    • NaNoWriMo - Everyone knows National Novel Writing Month, but they're an organization that relies on organizers, donations, and more - and that's your chance to get involved!


  • General
    • Operation Hammond - A network of medical professionals and trained people that provide medical services for conventions and staff training.


  • Comics
    • Cartoon Art Museum - A museum for all forms of cartoon art, performing preservation, displays, events, and more. Established in 1984, it has a permanent home in San Francisco.
    • Digital Comics Museum - An enormous archive of researched, curated, public domain golden age comics available free - and always open for donations and assistance!
    • Wonder Woman Museum - A museum dedicated to Wonder Woman - and sponsors various charities as well.
  • Computing
    • Computer History Museum - A Silicon-Valley based museum of comptuer history, complete with exhibits, programs, and many volunteer opportunities.
    • International Internet Preservation Consortium - An international organization focusing on improving tools, standards, and practices of web archiving and preserving information. Reports, events, and memberships are available.
    • Internet Memory Foundation - A non-profit focusing on preserving the internet for heritage and cultural purposes, and develops a lot of technologies and projects. There's opportunities to get involved.
  • Fandom
  • Pinball
  • Science Fiction
  • Video Games
    • Atari Party - A Californian organization that hosts events with hands-on use of classic Atari game consoles. Always looking for volunteers - and you can always found your own!
    • California Extreme - A convention of video game and pinball enthusiasts where the actual machines are brought into one big arcade. Includes panels and other events - and accepts volunteers.
    • Digital Games Museum - An archive of games and game memorabilia that does shows and displays. Based in San Jose, California, but open to support from anywhere.
    • The International Arcade Museum - A giant database of games that you can help with! Also contains huge archives of past relevant magazines and more. They even hope to build a physical museum someday!
    • Video Game History Museum - A video game history museum that covers a wide variety of subjects, histories, games, and focuses


  • General
    • The Digital Human Library - A resource (for Canadian teachers) that provides people to be digital and remote experts. Worth joining, inviting, and emulating - something great to try at a convention.
    • The Human Library - A site encouraging human libraries, where people act as living books. The site encourages and instructs organizers. Something for geeks to try at cons, clubs, and more.
    • The Internet Archive - A non-profit, online internet library, always looking for volunteers.
  • STEM
    • Public Library Of Science - An organization dedicated to making scientific work available via Open Access, and has a variety of initiatives.


  • General
    • Geeks Out - A site for gay geeks that focuses on both geek and lgbt issues, with it's own attitude. Always looking for supporters!


  • Comics
    • Comics For Kids - Collects and donates comics to kids, with a focus on literacy and developing creativity.
    • Reading with Pictures - Promotes literacy with the use of comics in the classroom. Heavily oriented towards ways to get involved!
  • Writing
    • Words Travel - Scholastic's national literacy program for incarcerated parents and their children.
    • Worldreaders - Brings digital books to those in need, with a focus on Africa.
  • Writing/Reading
    • Alaska Literacy Program - An Alaska-based literacy charity with an emphasis on training and certifying teachers and tutors to impart reading, writing, and speaking skills.
    • Behind The Book - New York Based organization that focuses on literacy programs and access to authors for underserved schooles
    • Believe In Books - Supports literacy programs, scholarships, grants, and book distributions in northern New Hampshire and western Mane.
    • Book Ends - A nonprofit focusing on empowering children through literacy and a focus on leadership in communities.
    • Bring Me A Book - Serving underserved communities with portable libraries, teaching read-aloud skills, and more.
    • Family Reading Partners - A coalition of people and organizations that promotes literacy via family reading practices.
    • Florida Literacy Coalition - Florida-focused group that supports adult education, adult literacy, and family literacy throughout the state. Many opportunities to get involved
    • International Book Project - Uses sustainable programs and partnerships to combat illiteracy on a global scale - with the goal of ending it.
    • Kids Need To Read - A charity promoting a culture of reading, providing books to various institutions, especially those that support disadvantaged children.
    • Literacy Kansas City - A Kansas community-based literacy effort that uses research to ensure their programs are maximally effective.
    • LitWorld - A global nonprofit that does on-the-ground solutions to address literacy.
    • Lullalee - Lullalee promotes reading, literacy, and social change, including the use of e-learning and technology.
    • Might Writers - A Philadelphia organization that supports writing and literacy by providing free classes and teaching.
    • ProLiteracy - Focuses in safe, strong, sustainable socieities by building literacy around the globe with a variety of initiatives.
    • Raising Readers in Wyoming - A wyoming-based organization that provides children with books, and parents with 'prescriptions' for reading, to promote literacy.
    • Reach Out And Read - A nonprofit organization of medical providers who promote literacy and school readiness in pediatric care with parental advice.
    • Read Indeed - A nonprofit literacy organization, inspired by Maria Keller, that collects and distributes books to children.
    • Reading Is Fundamental - The largest children's literacy nonprofit in the United States, working with kids, parents, and community to bring the benefits of reading to children.
    • Reading Partners - Promotes literacy via one-on-one coaching and a structured curriculum
    • Room To Read - Focuses on literacy and gender equality around the world, working with local communities and governments.
    • Stan Lee Foundation - An organization that builds alliances among various groups to promote literacy.
    • The Reading Tub - A volunteer-run nonprofit promitng family literacy.
    • Tracy and Clerenda McGrady Foundation - Founded by the NBA All-Star and his wife, the foundation focuses on multiple, world-wide literacy projects.

Military Support

  • Comics
  • Video Games
    • Military Gamers - A community and support network for military and former military gamers from the US military. Promotes healthy gaming and support.
    • Operation Supply Drop - A military gaming charity that delivers video game care packages for American and American allied soldiers in both combat zones and military hospitals.
  • Writing
    • United Through Reading - Connects US military personnel with their children by video-recorded book readings.
  • Writing/Reading

Open Source

  • Computing
    • Raspberry Pi Foundation - It's not just easy-to-access technology, but the Raspberry Pi foundation also promotes a variety of community and educational activities.


  • Technology
    • Limbitless Solutions - Technologists of all kinds coming together to develop low-cost/free prosthetic solutions!


  • STEM
    • FIRST - For Inspiration and Recognition of Science And Technology - An international organization focusing on inspiring young people in science and technology. There's programs, events, and plenty of ways to volunteer and get involved.
    • The Science Olympiad - An organization promoting science events - the science equivalent of track meats. With a huge amount of tournaments and resources, there's always a way to get involved.

Writing Skills

  • Writing
    • Wonder Writers - A charity that promotes writing and writing skills for young people from grades K-12.
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